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You Fuck@#g Muppet...

Hands up puppet bums is so much cooler than computer effects.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Review of Kick-Ass #3

When's the next one out???!!!

I've just read the latest issue of the fantastic comic series Kick-Ass. I got sent it to review on this blog so I'm going to try and do that now.

It was great. Problem is, I kinda knew it was going to be really. I loved the previous two issues. I am always entertained by anything that Mark Millar writes and whenever John Romita Jr. puts pencil onto paper something energetic and engaging will result. Oh, and they were giving away free PDF's to people with blog and reviews sites...free comic!

What if Peter Parker became Spider-man, not because he was bitten by a radioactive spider and developed special powers, but because he was a bit lonely, a bit bored and a bit over ambitious? This comic supposes that a regular teenage geek decided to find out if he could really become a superhero. In our regular normal world. No spider bites, no billion dollar metal suits, no aliens. Just er....the teenage me (but from New York) adapting a wet suit into a costume and trying to clean up the streets of criminals. And failing. At first...

Kick-Ass #3, out this week, has all that I have described above and the best surprise, twisty Takashi Miike style ending ever!! This issue really cements the style and the humour of the series but doesn't let on too much, in a good way.

Go and buy it, its great. Nice work Mark and John